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“Last week I was experiencing dizziness when laying down in bed at night. It occurred two days in a row and both times it seemed to me as the room was spinning as I was staring at the ceiling. I visited Dr. Nathans and initially he thought it may be due to high pollen count in the current environment, but then he examined by neck and concluded my symptoms were a result of the misalignment of the structure holding the brain stem. He performed an adjustment on my neck area using a special device and since then I have not had any dizziness at all. I am truly thankful to Dr. Nathans and suggest anyone with similar issues to promptly visit him.”

User Khan

“Dr. Alan Nathans is the first chiropractor I ever went to. My mother had negative experiences with other chiropractors in the past, so I was very skeptical and nervous at first. But I’ve been battling lower back pain since college after years of carrying drums in the marching band. I felt I had to give it a shot.

I immediately began to feel more comfortable when Dr. Nathans sat down and talked with me before making any adjustments. This is the kind of experience many people seek. They’d rather their doctor sit down and get to know them personally before performing any sort of procedure. Dr. Nathans ran some preliminary tests and talked with me about my back pain. He then told me what he believes would be the best form of treatment and why.

My first adjustment was an actual life-changing experience. My trepidation soon turned to astonishment when I realized that my neck actually felt better within a few minutes of my first adjustment. I finally wasn’t taking someone else’s word that he can help….I experienced it.

The massage therapists who work for Dr. Nathans are nothing short of fantastic. They don’t give you the typical massage. They find the weakest areas and work on them gradually. These took a few visits to get used to because they’re more intense massages than I was used to, but I started to notice my back loosening up after a few weeks.

I’ve known Dr. Nathans for over a year now. I’ve seen how he works. I believe he really cares about his patients. He talks to them with respect. He remembers their concerns. And he seems genuinely happy to be helping. My recommendation to anyone thinking about going to a chiropractor in Jacksonville is this: give Dr. Nathans a chance.”

Gene Wexler

“I’ve had pain in my back and hip since I was around 8 years old, and I am 31 now. I tried almost everything and was in a place where I was starting to give up. Walking was so painful and I could not exercise. I had a permanent limp. The last doctor I saw told me my only option was to go on pain management. I did not want to do that, so I just dealt with the pain.
I initially went to Dr. Nathan’s practice to get a massage and Dr. Nathan’s approached me while I was waiting and asked me what my issues were. He suggested that I make an appointment to see if he could help. I got my nerve scan and XRays before my massage and they showed some serious issues. His assistant Karen told me to see him. She gave me a hug and told me that they needed to help me. The entire staff is just amazing. Jackie at the front desk makes you feel so welcomed every time you walk in.
Deciding to treat with Dr. Nathans was the best thing that I have ever done. He has changed my life. He really cares about wanting people to get better and to find the root cause of your pain. He doesn’t just care about adjusting you, he cares about your overall health. He’s a healer. Dr. Nathan’s has not only helped with my pain but with my hormones and diet too!
I am in such a better place in so many ways and I feel like a different person. I don’t limp anymore, I work out everyday, I eat better, I’m happier. I will never be cured, but at least I can live my life without being debilitated.

Tiffany Gerken

“We could write a book about how much Dr. Nathans has changed our lives for the better. He is a remarkable doctor who loves the Lord, and truly cares about you as a person. Our entire family goes to Dr. Nathans even our 3 sons who are 7,2, and 1. Our 7 year old son Skyler was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, when he was 5 years old. He was not speaking very well, he had 25 ear infections from ages 3-5, and also had digestion and GI issues that required hospital visits due to blockages. We were referred to Dr. Nathans by our pediatrician several times, and I honestly balked at the idea of going to a chiropractor especially for my children. I believed in Chiropractic and had been to one before, but for my kids I wasn’t so sure. Well, I could not have been more wrong, this is where we needed to be, all of us. Dr. Nathans personally took the time with Sky, he was able to take X-rays to make more precise adjustments. Since we have been seeing Dr Nathans for over a year, Sky is speaking in full sentences and also not repeating things over and over, he also has had ZERO ear infection or digestion issues. There have been times that we have needed him after his hours as an emergency and he was available for advice or even coming to his office to put our 2 year olds shoulder back in socket. If the boys have any ailment they ask to go see Dr Nathans, and believe that he can fix them. He means the world to us, and has honestly done so many things I could go on and on. The whole office is a family atmosphere, and a wonderful experience.”

Jake Miller