Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Conquering Plantar Fasciitis: A No-Needle Regenerative Approach

Waking up to the sharp, excruciating pain of plantar fasciitis is a challenge many face daily. Whether it’s those first few steps out of bed or standing up after a period of rest, the discomfort can be unbearable. This pain not only affects your mobility but also keeps you from enjoying activities like tennis, golf, or spending quality time with family.

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Nathans, and for 25 years, I’ve been dedicated to serving our Jacksonville community, helping tens of thousands of individuals, many of whom suffered from plantar fasciitis. Our near-perfect rating with 400 5-Star Google Reviews and countless testimonials speak to the effectiveness of our unique protocols and methods.

In this article, we’ll explore our innovative approach to treating plantar fasciitis without resorting to unattractive special shoes, painful injections, or invasive surgery. Instead, we embrace a no-needle regenerative method that has proven successful for so many of our patients.

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a result of overstretched or strained ligaments in your foot, specifically the Plantar Fascia connecting your heel to the ball of your foot. This strain leads to inflammation and pain, often leaving sufferers with limited mobility and persistent discomfort.

The Common Path and Its Pitfalls

Many individuals with plantar fasciitis initially ignore their symptoms, only to find their condition worsening over time. Traditional treatments often include pain medications, steroid med packs, or even steroid injections, providing only temporary relief. Unfortunately, these measures rarely address the root cause of the condition, leading some down the path of surgery — a solution that often fails to provide lasting relief and can lead to further complications.

Our Approach: The Plantar Fasciitis Reset Program

At our clinic, we tackle plantar fasciitis differently. Our Plantar Fasciitis Reset Program is a comprehensive approach focusing on:

  1. Kinetic Chain-Spinal Alignment: We address issues in the connected line of joints from your neck down to your feet. Misalignments anywhere in this chain can exacerbate plantar fasciitis. We begin with a thorough examination and X-rays to identify and address these misalignments.
  2. Regenerative Treatment: We employ no-needle regenerative technologies like SoftWave, Matrix, and Class 4 Laser to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, targeting inflamed tissues and promoting regeneration.
  3. Blueprint Nutrition: Our nutritional program supports connective tissue regeneration, providing essential nutrients for healing.

Our Success in Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Our success rate in resolving plantar fasciitis is around 90%, thanks to our targeted use of regenerative technology. By combining these technologies with our nutritional program and 24/7 access to our concierge team, we offer a complete solution for healing plantar fasciitis.

Who Can Benefit?

Our program is tailored for those committed to addressing their plantar fasciitis head-on. Whether you’re fully ready to embark on this journey or need some guidance along the way, our team is here to support you. We’re looking for individuals who are open to new approaches and willing to step away from traditional, insurance-based care.

Take the First Step Towards a Pain-Free Life

If you’re ready to tackle your plantar fasciitis and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle, we invite you to click the “Schedule A Call” button. Our team is eager to discuss your unique situation and determine the best course of action for you.


At Dr. Alan Nathans clinic, we’re not just about treating symptoms; we’re committed to helping you live your best 100-year lifestyle.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to offer accessible, no-needle regenerative solutions for chronic health issues, moving beyond the limitations of traditional medicine. We aim to liberate one million people from dependence on medications, injections, and surgeries, guiding them towards a life of longevity. This aligns with our vision of embracing the 100-year lifestyle concept, promoting a healthier, more sustainable approach to wellness.

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