Alan Nathan’s Family Chiropractor has significantly improved my quality of life! I came to them with neck pain after sleeping wrong& they helped me out on my initial visit with no hesitation. I hardly ever have pain anymore thanks to them! Also the staff are professional, friendly and all knew my name within a week of being there. Highly recommend this place to anyone thinking about receiving chiropractic care!

Tiffany Reuss

I have been very pleased with the progress I have made since becoming a patient of Dr. Nathans. The combination of adjustments, spinal decompression, and Softwave therapy has not only reduced the pain in my neck and shoulder, but it has allowed me to get comfortable in bed thereby meaningfully improving my sleep. The entire staff is terrific: timely, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Tim Hawes

The staff at Alan Nathan‘s chiropractic is awesome Rebecca, Abby, Nicole, Ava professional, friendly knowledgeable, and treat every client as if they were a friend! They truly care about each and every patients needs. Most importantly, Nathan‘s family Chiropractic decompression works “No More Pain” Drs Nathan and Dr Thompson the Best

Terry Fowler

Dr. Nathans and Dr. Thompson are both amazing chiropractors. They care about their patients and go the extra mile in each persons care. The girls in the office are very professional and helpful.

Diane H

Great decompression therapy. Dr. Thompson listens then acts. Very refreshing for a health care provider. Ava is a very thoughtful and caring provider as well.

John Heinzel

Alan Nathans Family Chiropractic is special. I look forward to going because each person on staff is kind and attentive. The atmosphere is pleasant: clean, organized, and bright. Doctors Nathans and Thompson are well educated, current, and are using the latest in technology. I wish I’d have known back in the day to bring my baby girls in; I see many infants come for chiropractic care. Oh to do it over.

My biggest takeaway is that 80-90% of my neck pain is now gone!!! I’d had extensive brain stem surgery and a later spinal fusion that left me hurting every day for 30+years. It was frequently debilitating. I cried tears of relief on day one when Dr Nathans adjusted my atlas. I couldn’t believe I’d suffered for so long without the right kind of help. It took only a few months of spinal adjustments and SoftWave treatment to get me feeling great. Now I absolutely continue on maintenance!

karen Major

I've just begun spinal decompression therapy and Softwave therapy at Nathans Family Chiropractic. I feel surrounded by highly knowledgeable technicians following the guidance of Dr. Nathans. The atmosphere is positive and caring.

Sally Evens

The best place for noninvasive healthy, non ouching body parts! The practice has greatly helped to keep this old body feeling well oiled!

Carol K

A few months ago, I injured my right shoulder when helping my daughter with her flower farm. It was agonizing as it worsened. My medical doctor took xrays and told me it was arthritis and PT should help. I'm still doing PT at home but the improvement was minimal. I continued to put up with throbbing pain and rarely slept. I then talked with the staff at Dr Nathans' office and was convinced that the Softwave treatment would help greatly by regeneration of the injured tissue in the shoulder. The first few treatments were not at all comfortable but so very worth it. Today I'm on a monthly plan for a while (yeah) and hope to be completely better soon. I have so much confidence with Dr. Nathans and his staff and would recommend this treatment to anyone

When I started having neck problems, my sister urged me to see her chiropractor. At that time she had been going to Dr. Nathan's for many years. I had never received chiropractic care and was very leery about pursuing it. Honestly this care has tremendously helped me as I manage my way through my elder years which would be so much harder without Drs. Nathan and Thompson (Mr. Personality). And later on my husband started his care with these doctors and he's grateful as well. I must mention the fabulous staff who are gracious and welcoming and really care about their patients. I'm always greeted with a heartwarming smile. Nathan's Family Chiropractor Care, thank you so much for my care

Roselee Burdette

Very nice people, awesome place

Doug Stephens

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